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For three years, I've been on-air at WKDM, New York's Number One Mandarin Radio, and it's been an adventure! From culture to politics, music to news, my most in-demand programs are "Ying Yu Shuo Shuo Kan" and Music Hotel - both are language programs that help native Mandarin speakers localize themselves and become more at ease in Western culture.

Radio Show

Replay Sessions

English isn't simply a foreign language, it's a new way of thinking and living. But most of what is taught in schools in non-English speaking countries fail to bridge the gap for those coming to live or study abroad. Here, three native Mandarin speakers share their unique experience of this transition. Listen to the playback below:

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Music Hotel 音樂客棧

Every episode is a brief stay with the artist and their art, as we uncover the stories behind the music, and oftentimes, too, the unfortunately translated lyrics. 

音乐客栈 第18期 1月B 2019 (每小时最多播一次) My Favouri
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Fan-Page Support

To help you get the most out of your English learning journey, we have a team that's constantly updating our community fan page with meticulous notes, tips, and comments.

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