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Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown, Long
Height: 5’ 4”

New York City, NY

Film (Selected)

Swim Good                         Lead, Melia                  Dir. Labarian Williamson, New York

Amour et Turbulences      Featured, ex-lover      Dir. Alexandre Castagnetti, New York
Made in Hana                     Title Role, Hana          Dir. Lorenzo Anderson, New York, NY

Colours                                Principal, Pamela       SubUrban Underground Entertainment

John Wick                            Featured, bathhouse girl  Dir. Chad Stahelski & David Leitch, NY

The King of Oneiros          Lead, Ishtar                 Dir. Dylan Howard, New York, NY

The Hit                                Lead, assassin             Dir. Ben Murray, Timeless Prod., NY

Natacha Against Fame     Title Role, Natacha     Dir. David C., Christiansson Studios, NY

The Cello                            Lead, Ren                     Dir. Alberto Caballero, New York, NY

Rhythm of Love                 Lead, dancer               Dir. Himanshu Dubey, New York, NY

The Refuge                         Lead, pianist               Dir. Federico Taddei, New York, NY

Blood Legacy                     Principal Vampire, S   Dir. J.Rico, Blood Smiles Prod., NY

Lady Velvet                        Title Role, femme fatale   Dir. Erik Jacobs, New York, NY

Ratatat, feat. Courtney Love     Vixen                   Fall Out Boy, New York, NY

Television (Selected)

Modern Life                                    Writer, Host                                  SINO TV, New York

Gotham S4 Ep7                              DJ                                                    Fox, New York, NY

Brain Games, S2, Ep. 9                  Yogi                                                National Geographic, NYC
The Knick S1                                   Featured, Opium Den Woman   Dir. Steven Soderbergh, NY
Scorned: Love Kills, S3, Ep.2         Exotic Dancer                                Discovery ID Channel, NY
The A - Style Season 2                   Self                                                  Poyzen TV Productions, NY
Deception S1, Ep. 5, “Why Wait”  Debutante                                     NBC, New York, NY

Theater (Selected)

Thelonious!               Cassidy                          Dir. Jonathan Weber, Theatre for the New City, NY

Empress Dowager   Noble Consort Zhen    Dir. Joanna Chan - YangTze Rep. Theatre of America
The Hardy Boys         Ms. Danver, Pianist     Dir. Bela Grushka, The Players Club, New York
Night Before the Forest          Lead                Dir. Cassie Freeman, New York, NY
North Bank Suzhou Creek     Musician         Dir. William H. Sun, New York, NY
Much Ado About Nothing      Hero                Scarborough Arts Center, Toronto, Canada

Fluent Languages

Can read/write/speak, and translate on the spot:


Experienced VO artist in all languages.

Special Skills

Musician*** (20+ years): Piano,*** violin, marimba, flute. Singing range: F3 - flat B5.  Juilliard trained Composer*

Advanced Yogi with 12 years practice.

Dancer**: Ballet, Ballroom, Belly/Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Oriental, Pole*, Zumba*


Sports: Archery, Karate, Pistol Shooting, Kickboxing, KatanaSword, Equestrian, FieldHockey, Ice Skate, Sailing.


Misc.: Bartending & Mixology, Billiards, Roulette dealing, Full Driver's license, Thai Bodywork certificate, Stage Combat, Combat for Film.


BA Honours - Political Studies/Music/International Studies.
Queen’s University, Canada; Sciences-Po, Paris, France.


Training & Workshops

Meisner Technique                            Ryan Tofil, Matthew Corozine               Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre, NY

Speech & Fitzmaurice Voice-work   Tracy Hazas, Andrea Caban                  New York, NY

Combat for Film                                 Dan Renkin                                              New York, NY

Katana Sword                                      New York Sword Class                          New York, NY
Improv                                                 Langan Kingsley                                      Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC.

One Year Conservatory Acting for Film                                                            New York Film Academy, NY

Acting/Meisner Technique               Kathy Curtiss, Victor Verhaeghe, John Desiderio. New York, NY

Advanced Improvisation                  Katie Northlich                                         New York Film Academy, NY

Musical Theatre (4 Wk Intensive)    VP Boyle                                                    New York Film Academy, NY

Acting for TV                                       Maggie Reed                                            New York, NY

Acting for TV, Film, & Commercials Karen Hazzard, Jeff Marshal                 Canadian Actors Lab, Toronto

Theatre Techniques                           Ken Gass                                                  The Factory Theatre, Toronto

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